Since all Beanies seemed to really like Never Twice, I gave it a chance few days ago. It’s an easy and addicting watch as most of the weekend dramas are.

I caught up with all the episodes since I skip most of the scenes and only watch Bak Ha and Hae Joong who I adore, though I still wonder about how he became such a genuinely kind person with a mother like that.

I’m really invested in Bak Ha’s journey to uncover the truth about her husband’s death because she’ll never let go of him otherwise. Right now she’s not in the state to fall in love with someone new even though her heart is already opening to Hae Joong.

I’m surprised because HJ’s confession hit me harder that I expected. What I love about him is that he never wavered once when it came it his feelings for BH. He didn’t doubt his feelings, he didn’t tried to avoid her to forget about her, he didn’t think it was beneath him to like someone like her and instead confessed to her right away.


    He will forever be Kim Byung-Swoon, ahem Byun-Yeon from MDBC for me! 😭😍
    I really want to see him a proper first lead! He deserves it so much.

    Haven’t given Never Twice a chance yet, but I’m so tempted!


      Hes worth it I have to admit I skim some of the side plot scenes that dont involve him or the leading lady but give it a shot.


      You should watch it with liberal fast forwarding of some of the side shenanigans.