Happy HAPPY birthday, @sicarius! ☺️🎉🎊 It’s late (your time), but @obsessedmuch and I are still celebrating it! 😅 I hope you had a splendid day with your loved ones.

It’s funny because just the other day when we were talking again, I was gonna make a post about (how much I lurve) you, but never got to posting it. I can’t believe I missed your big day (August 31st, almost September baby!)! I’ll do better next year! 😁 Here’s the love post, anyways:

Talking to you again made me realized how much you mean to me. (I was seriously bummed thinking you were mad at me and thought how lonely I’d be if we didn’t talk anymore.) We can exchange novels forever and that’s not something I can have with just anyone. It’s always a blast talking with you. You make me smile and laugh and I’m so happy that we’re friends. Thanks for being my friend. 💞😊😘


    Piggybacking to say Happy Birthday Sic!!! Hope it was a wonderful day.


    *I knew I missed some mentions*
    HOWDY CHINGU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You’re adorable and I’m making mostly *asdfjakl idk what to say to compliments and cute shit* noises to this post hehehe. ❤ ♥❤ ♥❤ ♥❤ ♥
    Are you saying our friendship is like DiDi’s and YueYue’s? If so then AWESOME! (shippers aside lmao)

    (I can’t believe you thought I was mad at you. I need to work on my teasing tone in text… D:) You’re so welcome haha and cảm ơn to you tooooo~!


      Was wondering when you’d find this! Haha.
      Lol! I think that’s probably why I hesitated on posting this earlier–I knew you probably wouldn’t know how to react to all this mush, but it’s true! So there’s my excuse to say it!
      Pwahaha! Yeah, totally! They look super cute together, we’re super cute, so yes, we’re them! Lawl. (Omg, I can’t get enough of his smile in the first gif. *melts*)

      Well, I only thought it bc you didn’t reply to my comments, but I figured I was just being my usual dramatic and sensitive self, so I tried not to think much of it. Turns out I was right and you were just going through life and also too busy obsessing over DiDi.
      Omg! Awww~ did NOT expect that! Cảm ơn bạn! There’s one new word for ya! It means “friend”!


        I had 17 notifs this morning but only 10 show on the first drop down and mentions get lost easily!!! >.<
        Kekekek I've got nothing but mush really for the past two days and I'm like "good thing I can say thank you in 22 languages because that's all I can really think of to say rn even though that feels boring and unauthentic!" haha
        You know me too well apparently *snickers*

        *hifyve for being DyShen then 😂😂😂* *their ship name is better than ours though…*
        (SHTAP well don't stop but seriously you're making me a) wish you'd been on Rabbit for all the MG fun and b) write you essays on his bone structure!!! You really do unleash my inner (albeit snarky) fangirl, don't you??)

        Ah nooo those ones I forgot to reply to (not that there were many I don't think??) were … yeah as you know when sh*t was going down, and yes using DiDi as a coping mechanism x100 -you are so right pfffft!!!
        HAHAHA! I love surprising people with thank yous in their ethnically native language lmao this happened with @greenfields and @obsessedmuch too when I did it in Hindi hahaah
        bạn!! cool! But how do I pronounce it? I'ma call you that now though hehe.