Extraordinary You Eps 17-20:-

Oh! Look at that! An FL who has been relegated to making googly eyes at her love, crying over him, and fainting and/or getting humiliated at opportune moments so as to give the men a chance to have a cock fight over her. Because the other more important things, like trying to solve the mystery of the world and protecting one’s life, is for the MEN. Such a new and unique character trajectory, show!

I had to laugh when Haru put Danoh’s life in potential danger just so he could carry her away in front of Baek-kyung, complete with intense eye-contact, to prove to him that his balls are bigger. Gee! How romantic!

Aww look at poor little Dan-oh crying over her fate not having changed when she has literally done nothing to change it. Not even thought about it. It’s ok, honey. It happens. I mean, tall, handsome, sparkly eyes, who can resist, eh?

Do-hwa, Ju-Da, and Baek-kyung continue to be the most engaging characters. Rise, Evil Juda and Evil Baekkyung! Rise, my children of the night! MUAHAHAH- *cough* right. While the mystery is definitely one I am the most interested in, I have honestly also started to enjoy BOF Lite. At least it’s meta, unlike the main romance which is trying to serve me melodramatic grand teenage love and expecting me to take it seriously. Pfft, sure.


    if I could like your post twice, I would.
    It’s not that I’m not enjoying the show. it’s just… more Do-Hwa, Ju Da and Baek Kyung “scenes” and “shadows”, please !


    Also more Dan Oh’s two friends. Their friendship/bickering is hilarious.