My ‘silent’ little boy was going to start pre school. My anxiousness was at its peak. Will he be able to make friends? Will they understand him? And worst, will he be an outcast? The week before school I don’t think I even slept a wink. But I tried to be happy for him. We skipped though the shops to buy him a cute bag and matching lunch boxes. How do you sign lunch box in auslan, I thought? I signed to him that it was a ‘food holder’. He laughed at my stupid translation!

Just like that he skipped away happily to kindy (school) after he hugged me goodbye. There was not an ounce of anxiety in my beautiful boy. He was ready for the world.

I wanted to ask him how his day was. I would sign to him ‘did you make any friends today’ and his answer was always ‘no’ but he always signed with a smile. My beautiful boy.

On a bright February afternoon when I went to pick him up he ran to me and showed me a note. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, N’ it said ‘I love you very much, L’ in clear adult handwriting. I wondered who this L teacher person was. I asked him and he signed ‘friend’

‘Do you have a friend, N? I signed. ‘Yes’ he signed ‘and she is very pretty’. Amused, we drove back home. The same day I got a phone call from an unknown number. It’s was L’s mum. She asked if N would like to come for a play date. His first play date ! I was a bit speechless that that moment…

3 years later:

N: L asked me to marry her, mum.
Me: Really, what did you say?
N: I said yes! Can we have doughnuts at the wedding? And ice cream? With popcorn? And chips? The sea salt one?
Me: Well if you shut up for a bit, maybe you can!