Lol While You Were Sleeping has been great… the first episodes especially were packed with humor, and heart, and just more general shenanigans. episodes 1-8 10/10+ ^^


    Ooooh you are back!!!! Welcome back!

    WYWS really didn’t live up to my expectations and I am sad to say that that was the show that made me drop LJS from my Top5 actors. He is still great but I dunno the show made me feel quite bored. Romance is a Bonus Book didn’t really help matters much….

    Anyway how are you? How did your mission go?


      Yeahㅠㅠ I don’t ever foresee myself dropping Lee Jong Suk as a favorite, but this drama was less favorite… except for all his hilarious acting, hehe^^

      My mission was great, thanks for asking!! Lots of adventures 😉