Hospital Playlist ep. 10 parallel(?) scenes – “poisonous” ship vs “top stock” ship.

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    Both scenes have many similarities, yet the first one only has a once in a blue moon one-on-one personal interactions shown on screen, while the latter is the opposite.

    On k-internet drama discussion platforms, there are these slangs when it comes to shipping fictional couples:

    1) 주식 매수 (jusik maesu) / 주식을 사다 (jusik-eul sanda)
    = lit. stock purchase / buying stock
    – in drama couples shipping context, it means kind of like choosing or investing in a top stock – very promising and full of potential ship? Aka choosing a ship that will most likely to sail 🚢

    2) 사약을 마시다 (sayak-eul mashida)
    = lit. drinking poison
    – in drama couples shipping context, it’s like shipping a couple that is most likely not happening, despite the potential(?)

    3) 사약 커플 (sayak keopeul)
    = lit. poisonous couple
    – same as above, aka a couple that is most likely not the endgame, despite the potential(?)

    On k-comms as I observed, Ik Jun x Song Hwa & Gyeo Wool x Jeong Won are considered as the two major HP ships and have the most potential to sail given the screentimes allocated to them, with so many shippers shipping them aka them “buying their stocks”. While Jeong Won x Song Hwa are considered as a “poisonous” ship – least likely to sail (very minimal together screentime despite the existence of their potential) and only shipped by a few outliers, who were often jumped on by the major shippers for being “delusional”.

    despite all those, /MY/ main ship is Jeong Won x the Lord 🤷‍♀️ Because I don’t think Jeong Won is into romance at the moment. I might be wrong but there seems to be so many other things weighing on his mind and romance is totally not his main concern. If he ever decide on his own to let go of pursuing priesthood, only then we can talk romance with him.

    And I am feeling sad for my boy because everyone is imposing their assumptions on him and selfishly wants to decide on his behalf on what course should he be taking. They never take his words seriously nor respect his own wishes.

    Why can’t everyone see how detached he is now from everything. His crocs used to have those colourful, cutesie Jibbitz Charms but now as at ep. 11, he has NONE of them on. (Ansjfj I know I sound ridiculous for using those silly jibbitz as example but they actually serve as a display of contrast?)