okay these are what i understand based on ep 14. So basically Gon can time travel because he and Lee Rim crossed the portal at the same time making Manpaksijeok a ‘whole’ again. But Lee Rim got killed during 1994 so Gon crossed the portal with half of the stick but with no ability to time travel and that makes him stuck. No one knows that he’s stuck so he makes new memories so that Tae-eul and Yeong know. The timeline that we are watching right now is 2020 so when Tae-eul and Gon met at the end (supposedly their first time), it’s actually in the past (2019) but it’s slightly different because of Gon and Tae-eul is actually remembering it in the present (when she’s being stabbed). Please correct me if i’m wrong.


    You got it totally right. For some reason, I think rather than making new memories wasn’t it better to explain how LG and TE felt that familiarity even the first time? I mean I’m not sure if they’ll go this way but I think LG is in a time loop since the beginning, because he saved himself back then too. This time he specifically inserted different memories from the last time.