Two more weeks to go! I’m not ready to let this drama go, especially with the next few weeks being super stressful in the US 🙁 (I was catatonic in 2016…)
Anyway! This week 18 Again brought a TON of fun, a big sigh of relief, and a trademark kdrama slap (but in a good way!) What are your favorite moments this week?
Here’s my favorite moments from ep 11-12 of 18 Again, in more of chronological than preference order! These 2 eps got the most laughs from me so far, in a series already full of great laugh-out-loud moments. Thank you writers for making us cry buckets the weeks before 😉
The gutbusting baby love triangle: so turns out Ja-sung is a soft and emo idiot LOL how adorable! Ji-ho gotta step it up, he kept constantly get shown up by his “two” rivals (one real, one fake). Given what Si-ah said these 2 episodes though, I think he is the end game. Poor baby doesn’t even know he stands a real chance!
The otaku love “triangle”: I love love the friendship between Aerin and Deokjin. They’re so supportive of each other, and are true platonic friends (yes men and women CAN be friends!) The first cosplay scene was hilarious. I’m totally with Ms.Ok about not dating a parent when you’re a teacher, and I wish Deokjin would back off a bit. “Woo-young” is in his final year anyway, right? So just tell her you’ll wait for her till “Woo-young” graduates! 
Siah & her dad: Love the deviation from the movie here where Si-ah and her dad became true friends, no weird incest plot here. I wouldn’t blame her if she had a crush, I was just hoping it would have ended quickly in her realizing he was her dad, but I’m ok with this! Jeong-Eui (Si-Ah’s actress) calling Lee Do Hyun appa in the BTS clips is the cutest thing, and I can’t wait for the kids to realize how awesome their dad is. (Also how cute and touching is it that Daeyoung was SO PSYCHED to hear his daughter call him a true friend??? I am reminded of my own mother who always wants me to gossip and hang with her like a friend, but being the brat that I am, I just can’t bring myself to do it…)
Dajung’s very own workplace kdrama: more than her success on the show, I LOVED how her boss sneakily supported her, and how that ended up in THE most lol-worthy moment of the show, with Yoomi being BLASTED to oblivion (unfortunately by a fake storm, not a real one or a verbal one :P). Also how clever are the writers to have that little detail of her boss revealing himself to be divorced, and there was NO reaction from anyone, both viewers and their boss? The sexism is cuttingly real.
Our OTP: I teared up at the balcony scene (before the kiss). We can feel Da-jung’s palable regret and longing. From the preview, looks like Daeyoung is finally gonna tell Dajung in ep 13, though I really wish he had told her right then and there before swooping in for a kiss. He already kissed her the day before, why so thirsty now lol I do love that they left in the iconic GASP kiss from the movie: this drama is a masterclass in thoughtful adaptation. All the key moments and plot arcs are there, but with much more emotional and character depth, and new interesting characters and details.
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    One of my favorite moments was Aerin Deokjin in the elevator. She rather let her friend die than to give him cpr. 🤣🤣

    I can’t believe this is ending in two weeks!


    Also a great moment: I was ready to roll my eyes when she fell into the pool and the 2 guys dove in to “save” her, because it CLEARLY looked shallow – it’s our typical drama trope – but then the drama didn’t disappoint and used that as a parody scene lol it was hysterical!


    All your points! Can’t believe we only have few eps left ;(


    Omg thanks for the tag! I got into the drama pretty late but I love it nonetheless!

    I laughed so hard whenever Deok-jin was on screen. When they showed him dressed up at the bar with Ae-rin! HAHAHAHAHA It’s hilarious how she didn’t expect him to be dressed up like that but still hanged out with him.

    Yes to the Si-ah and Dae-young interaction. I was so scared it would go into incest territory but they’re relationship has always been wholesome so it shouldn’t be surprising it turned out this way. I’m so happy for them both!

    I loveee how Da-jung’s boss is now secretly supporting her. What great character development. Some people would just hold on to their bias and dismiss a person’s hard work but he looks at her favorably now that he saw that she’s really good at her job. And yes, that total sexism right there. tsk tsk

    So excited for next week!


    (Sorry Seungyoon-ah, I LOVE Kairos & how thrill-y it is.. but 18 Again knows how to tug at my heart while making me laugh.. while u in Kairos break my heart by getting beaten up & cheating.. Lol!)

    I may finally even rewatch a show !


    I’m so glad Dajung finally get the support from her boss. I was always so mad about the sexism and misogyny towards her even when she was clearly really good at her job. Well, I live in a country where it’s normal to work as a mother, especially when your children are old enough to take care of themselves. So it always boggles my mind, if a woman gets hate because she is a working mother.

    I totally loved the chingu scene between Wooyoung and Shiah. Lee Do Hyun as a happy and proud dad is one of my favourites.


    “…this drama is a masterclass in thoughtful adaptation.” 100%. I finished both episodes and thought, ‘this drama is so well put together!’ So many awesome moments.

    I absolutely loved Deokjin at the bar with his forlorn tanned face and that outfit (the train was so long 🤣🤣). And then the whole sequence afterwards including the lift – just hilarious.

    Dajung’s flustered moments had me giggling, especially when she ran from Daeyoung at the party. Hahaha! Only for her to discover that he was more interested in her daughter. Was she very slightly disappointed? I wonder.

    And like you said, Daeyoung’s happiness to be regarded as his daughter’s good friend was heartwarming. I aww’d just as much! I’d also wondered how they would get past the potentially weird daughter-father relationship, but 1) I knew it was a k-drama, so, very unlikely, and 2) Her eyes were already elsewhere. I feel for Jiho not realising that Siah really only has him in her sights. He’s the one she directly responds to the most. The others are just around her.

    Finally, the way the kiss and confession scenes at the end culminated in the multiple gasps (including mine, of course, hehe) was 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

    There’s just so much to love about this drama. I think one of the beanies was wondering whether these episodes were just particularly good, or simply good writing building on good writing. I think it’s both, but mostly the latter. And props to the cast. Everyone is knocking their roles out of the ballpark (apologies for the pun😅).


    Thanks for the tag. I just finished this week’s episode and again, this drama did not disapppoint. If there is a separate award for adaptation of a screenplay , this show should win.


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I just finished episode 13. AHHHHHHHH I need episode 14 already!!!! I cant wait. OMG.