So very happy to see the staying power of 18 Again on the WWW threads and fanwall in the past month or so – has it recently become available officially in more countries? I hope it comes to the US soon so everyone can enjoy the wonder that is Lee Do Hyun ๐Ÿ™‚ and the heartwarming story (you can always find it “underground”, but nothing compares to the ease of streaming services on your TV!) 
This past weekend, I put on hold on my other dramas to binge watch a little gem called My Little Happiness. Watch this if you:

– are a fan of Put your head on my shoulder – the FL actress of that drama, Fair Xing is again great in another romcom fluff as a cheerful, and not annoying, FL.


– like Her Private Life for all the kissing. My Little Happiness is the first cdrama I’ve seen with this much kissing – great, passionate, realistic kissing from both leads! No dead fish eye here.


– like Love Lasts Forever/Koi wo tsuzuku doko made mo but hate how incompetent the FL was. Fair Xing plays a truly strong, competent, sometimes reckless but not stupidly so FL here.


– are a fan of romcom without annoying second leads, dragged out misunderstandings, or forced separation through noble idiocy. (We do have childhood sweethearts and an unrealistically devoted ML, however). 

This cute and sexy (yes! sexy! The ML knows how to tease the FL without crossing the line) drama relies entirely on the OTP chemistry, and they have that in spades. It also minimizes the usually-mundane workplace side stories that are part of romcoms like this. Is there a plot? No, not really lol Do we care? Nah. We’re here for the fluff, lots and lots of kisses, and sexy handwashing, like so:


(gifs credit to @herlovesfor on tumblr)