Midnight here.
Can’t believe it has been already 10 years since I found Dramabeans… and even more since I started watching kdramas. Time flies. There are days when I miss the good old Dramabeans and terribly miss the voices of Javabeans and Girlfriday. Girls, I hope you are healthy and happy… and maybe writing some awesome kdrama screenplay 😉🙂

There are also days when I appreciate the new Dramabeans with the huge kdrama fanbase so awesomely friendly and tolerant. Real Life often doesn’t allow me to interact more, but I’m trying to make time every Saturday for http://WWW... and it’s my Healing Time 😉 (Drinking Solo).
May you all manage to find your own healing times in 2020… and may we have plenty of awesome dramas to discuss!
Cheers… and be happy! 🍷😘