I haven’t watched Tazza 1 and 2, I made an attempt to watch both but never really got around to it.

But I’m definitely gonna watch Tazza 3. Kwang-soo’ya~ 🦒


    Wow I didn’t know Tazza 3 was coming out 😮
    Tazza was a nice intro to the gambling scene but not for everyone’s taste (with a great cast tho). Tazza 2 had more comedy and fast pace. So, I wonder what kind of vibe they’re planning for the third one. Lee Kwang Soo ♥️ It looks like he’s in the team but I want him to play a villain.


      Oh wow, the idea of him being a villain. He’ll pull it off, for sure… but I haven’t had enough of his silly antics so I’m hoping to see more of that side of him in Tazza.