Day 16 – Best quote / oneliner
Don’t have the exact quotes-

The what is warmth quote in Shim Myung-yeo’s ex’s book. (I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day)

Chan-hyuk’s advice to Eun-joo to contact her friend and that friends can sometimes do what family cannot. (My Unfamiliar Family)

We wear different hats in life (play different roles) and its hard to do them all well, but we do the best we can in all those roles. (Diary of a Prosecutor) (Most of the ending lines narrated by Lee Sun-kyun were nice like shedding the prosecutor and female prosecutor distinction or how we sometimes wonder why we should correct our own behaviour when it takes more than a few people to make the world fair, and so on.)


    Few one-liners I took screenshots of-

    If you watch Korean dramas, 9/10 are suffering from amnesia. (CLOY)
    Hardships will make creativity surge. (IFYOBD)
    No cheesy comments when I’m hungry. (TKEM)
    I want to beat up the Se-ra from an hour ago. (ITR)
    I’m going to catch that madman and then lets go back home together. (sniff) (Nobody Knows)
    We sang, I prepared sweets, and you also have your friends. There you go. (MPUB)
    Being single is the trend nowadays. (used in 2 dramas- CLOY and FOE)