Random whining today about the state (or lack) of my drama watching led to a particular wish to be able to watch Because This Life is Our First for the first time again. So, because that particular wish can’t come true without some very real and probably horrendous brain damage in the process, I will have to make do with yet another rewatch.

Now, I have been randomly rewatching favorite scenes over the last week for, well, reasons that don’t need to be brought up here and now. But when @mindy reminded me that today is THE 4TH ANNIVERSARY, I just had to press play on episode one.

Do you know that this is an excellent episode one. We have in depth character set up. We get a thorough base for the main plotline and even some secondary storylines. And it’s taut, it’s well paced, and not a moment is wasted or skimmed over. I loved it the first time I watched it, but now I really really appreciate how well written and directed the beginning of this drama is.

Not to mention, Ji-ho and Se-hee have the best meet cute. Seriously. It’s not super contrived. There is no weird power imbalance. There’s no TOD. No one falls into a kiss. It’s two people (albeit roomies even if they don’t know it) coming together over a shared interest.

Maybe I don’t need to watch this for the first time again because maybe this watch will be just as good as a first.