Woah! There are still people who are actually defending Bok-nam even after everything???????????


    I happen to open this and I just make my comment, if what you this it’s me, I am not defending him. [just tell me if you think I did]

    I just prefer that the discussion over boknam vs se hee happen in the context of lifestyle and how they are pursuing a different type of life, what the cons and the pro but by making boknam a potential criminal, all the discussion will be about how good a man se hee is just because boknam isn’t. How sehee idea of life is always the right one because boknam is a bad guy,

    How he is a stalker is to further why se hee is a man for jiho with him as the comparison. All of his crossing boundary behaviours is a bad sign but I prefer it to be addressed as crossing boundary without the involvement of criminal activity.


      Maybe I should have explained myself further. 200 characters is not enough to express everything I wanted to. If we will compare Bok-nam’s way of life and Se-hee’s, then that will be an interesting discussion. The concept of YOLO has always been intriguing and Se-hee’s extreme practically just makes it more interesting. Their contrasting personality and ideals is indeed an excellent topic.

      But the direction of this drama has taken, the perception of him being a potential criminal, has given us another thing to discuss about. This perception is right now part of Bok-nam and all points, like him being coincidentally in the same location and his way of knowing Ji-ho, it is not an easy thing to ignore or to just take out of the equation.

      However, as I said in my comment in the recap, even if we do away with the perception of him being a stalker, Bok-nam wasn’t still respectfully of Ji-ho’s space/privacy and made her uncomfortable. And that already made him an off character.


        my intention for replying is to show that I am not defending boknam but the story isn’t make themselves clear,
        you can looked at how many comment said that they are relieve boknam is a potential criminal cause it makes no competition of se hee as the ultimate good guy and compare to lifestyle discussion,
        people don’t care about boknam lifestyle because he is a potential criminal in the story and this is the fault of the writing when his view is worth to be considerate and worth to listen.

        This is why I am saying that I am not defending boknam but what I show is the cop out in writing that linked to boknam and sehee