“I actually… got sick while living accorto other people’s standards. I thought everyone else was doing great, and I thought I was the only one who couldn’t do anything well, so it made me suffer.

So now, I’m taking time to get close to myself, not to others.”

A round of applause to Yeo Reum for finally making that woman shut up.
I don’t understand who she thinks she is to go around telling people how to live their lives.

Oh, and I can’t believe that she’s trying to make her “bestie” meet his professor with whom he had a whiplash-toxic relationship. WTH is her problem? Doesn’t she know that the end of that movie wasn’t a happy ending?

And not only that, she wants him to leave his life for her after he literally told her that he was happy where he was?

I feel so bad for Dae Beom. He deserves better.

The only REAL friendship here is the one between Summer and Spring. And I love it.



    👏🏿 now that is a toxic friendship. I think she needs Dae-bom to be dependent on her. That is the only way she will feel relevant in his life. Like she said, sometimes she feels small when she realises who he is and what he can do.
    Yeo-reum being around has been showing her that Dae-bom is actually capable of handling his feelings and interactions well.

    I mean, even if she is the closest thing to family, she shouldn’t feel possessive. She wants to be his everything- mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, bestfriend. That can’t always be the case.

    I knew her game plan when she started talking about him meeting his professor again was that she wanted him to move with her to Seoul.
    I hope Dae-bom can express his feelings freely without feeling that he owes her.


      The only thing that makes me feel better is that it seems like Dae Beom is used to her little games so he doesn’t really pay attention or care. He knows she’s wrong. That’s why he tried so hard to make her shut up at the restaurant.

      So at least we don’t need to worry about the influence she has on him.

      Let’s just hope she goes to Seoul soon. I think they’re going to have a real talk before she leaves.


        That’s what I loved about his interactions with his librarian noona. I have faith too.


    Never mind applause, I’ll give YR a standing ovation for that one! Besides being thrilled by YR finally putting someone in this toxic town in their place, I also love what she said. It really resonates with me.


      I was watching the drama at 2am while laying in bed but I had to stand up to write down that quote. 😆