Hi there! ^^

I haven’t been around for a while (and it’s all school’s fault!), so I just wanted to drop in to say: Hi!
(Yes, I’m procrastinating right now. 😂)

It’s funny how I’m so out of loop with K-dramas lately… Before the crazy school set in, I’ve been watching Devilish Joy and Terius behind Me. Hopefully I’ll get back to it soon.

To be absolutely fair, other than studying I’ve been fangirling over the EXO comeback (with my real life friends) and chatting with EXO-L Beanies on our KakaoTalk groupchat (everyone’s welcome to join!) and also scanning Twitter… 😅

Since I haven’t been on the fanwall in a long time, I apologise to all the EXO related posts I failed to like or comment on. Also, if you tagged me and I didn’t respond… Sorry! The notif might have gotten lost on its way to me. 😅

Have fun, everyone!