I shouldn’t rewatch my favourite dramas. I don’t like Doctor Kim or Yoon Seo Jeong in Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim anymore. They both seem too unrealistic, too perfect without a single fault, while Kang Dong Joo is the one who makes all the mistakes.

The whole conflict suddenly seems too two-dimensional: the good perfect humanists of Doldam Hospital versus the bad corrupt individualists of Goedae Hospital.

And I don’t think it’s right to leave out something important during an operation just because you’re operating on a rapist. Plus nobody knew for sure the patient was a rapist. Doctors are not judges.

This used to be my favourite drama. I’m not sure if I overlooked this all the first time around or if I’ve changed, but not anymore. I’ve been enjoying it so much and now I have nothing to watch…


    I still haven’t decided whether I should drop it or not. I still like Kim Sabu, but the rest ugh…
    Agree with the whole conflict seems two dimensional


      The romance was nice. (There were some good and funny moments I was looking forward to!) And Kim Sabu was epic. Plus there’s still Kang Dong Joo’s character development (one of the best things about the whole drama).

      I really enjoyed the drama the first time around. *sigh*