30 days book challenge

Day 1: Best book you read last year.

‘The girl with The Dragon Tattoo’ by Steig Larsson. This was, in fact, a re-read. I’d read the Millennium trilogy many years ago. A new book came out and I wanted to re-fresh my memory before I read it. I only completed the first of the trilogy and read the second half-way. Re-reading it took me back to secondary school when I was in love with the main character, Lisbeth Salander, and how excited I was when I found out it had a movie.

Day 2: book you’ve read more than three times.
This is a book I’ve consistently re-read since I bought it back in 2013. It was the only paperback I read when I wasn’t reading anything. Every time my heart ached to read something, I remembered lines from the book, and promptly picked it up from my library. I’ve re-read it fully 3 times and read just chapters more times than I count. My username is named after it, after all. It’s ‘I am Pilgrim’ by Terry Hayes.
For me, it was the writing style that had me. There’s a fluidity in his style that made reading the book much like watching a movie.
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This challenge is, by far, my favorite challenge so far. I haven’t been this excited about books in a long time. Heck, I haven’t really spoken about books – the books I’ve read – in a long time. Uni has drained me. The past 6 years have felt like a blur to me. I don’t remember much except what year but this challenge is forcing me to go back in time and review what the last years have been like. It turns out, I did read more books than I thought. I read loads of Christian and non Christian romances (but they all blur into one book). I started more than 5 books last year but most likely finished 3. I’m remembering the books I read and I’ve never been more excited.
I also love that I’m indirectly getting recommendations from other Beanies. This is my favorite challenge yet.