I recently finished binge-watching Radio Romance. I didn’t read much about it before-hand so I wasn’t distracted by things like age difference or expectations. I liked it but…


    The writing, while nicely character driven and full of great ideas, was often bloated with too many characters, details, and moments that weren’t always well connected and sometimes were dropped entirely. It’s like the writer had too many ideas they wanted to include but didn’t have the time to fit it all in or the editing experience to identify and scrap the unnecessary bits. It left me emotionally disconnected from some scenes that I felt didn’t have proper build up to (especially in the last two episodes where it tried to tie up every loose end it thought still existed). That being said I liked the main OTP and LOVED the fact that neither fell into the hated cliche of playing the noble idiot. The story may have lacked in some drama and tension but made up for it by having a couple who had a healthy relationship based on communication with and respect for each other. It was a relief to have something different. I look forward to seeing other dramas this writer creates.


      That’s how I felt about RR too! The drama itself was okay, nothing groundbreaking, but the OTP was what keep me watching since they were both so cute.


      I watch just for the OTP, and no-noble idiot-things made RR not bored to watch. Sometimes, when I miss the light drama, I re-watch RR.