14Feb will be over in my timezone in approx 1hr. Over the past few years I haven’t been able to come much on db due to rl situations & just being exhausted in general.
I just happened to come back heteta few days ago & lo & behold! The wall is filled with posts 🙂

I’ll be honest I have nothing nice or sweet to share. Rl is stressing me out or I’m beginning to suspect that I’m a person who just stresses out a lot in general haha.

Anyway I’m off to sleep with some dramatic lines & a thank you note:

“After secretly collecting words that wander around in the void, I fall asleep at dawn, good night”
(Referring to my occasional insomnia, btw I either knock out dead or just stay awake like an 🦉, there’s no in between)

To @hotcocoagirl , you’re awesome for bringing this idea to db.❤️

To every beanie continuing the tradition every year, your awesome too👍👍👍✨❤️❤️❤️

Thank you & lots of love to everyone.