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Welcome to the Long Yak with Paroma, Anisa, and Saya!

— Non-Korean —
00:02:09 – Dark
00:02:45 – General & I
00:04:40 – Well Intentioned Love
00:08:54 – Always Be My Maybe
— Korean —
00:11:08 – Angel’s Last Mission: Love
00:29:59 – Perfume
00:35:30 – Arthdal Chronicles
00:49:07 – Abyss
00:55:42 – Secret Life of my Secretary
01:14:22 – Search: WWW
01:28:31 – Beautiful World
01:33:38 – Her Private Life – Final Thoughts
01:37:02 – One Spring Night
01:37:39 – Time Between Dog and Wolf
01:38:23 – Aje gags from Saya

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    Perfume is totally worth a 2nd chance.


      There are so many comments about how bad Perfume is and will be only because of the 1st episode.

      Imo, it is not bad as some paint it to be. The message it brought forward was realistic and clear. There were many heart tugging moments but it also managed to retain funny moments to the end.

      The acting was top notch. I’ve watched nearly all SSR projects, and yet I’m surprised by his performance in Perfume. He was exactly like his character description, a man-child. Both Go Won Hee and Ha Jae Suk were amazing as Jae Hee. This drama treated social issues with respect in an entertaining way, but yet people who only watch it for 1 episode dismisses it as superficial fatshaming glamorizing death.

      It is far from that. I’m glad SSR, GWH and HJS took this. I might have not watched this if not for them, then I would miss out the messages this drama had. Many kudos to everyone involved in Perfume.

      Can the first couple of hours be done better? Maybe or maybe not. Regardless of what could have been with the 1st ep, for the 16 hours of its run time, I was entertained and touched by it.


        Thanks for giving us your honest take on Perfume, @katakwasabi! It’s true we didn’t watch the drama beyond the first episode, and often a terrible set up is followed by a truly heartwarming story in dramaland. So, I’m grateful you commented, and hope that people who aren’t triggered by the same aspects we were, watch the drama for the eventual payoff.

        The trouble is that first impressions matter. And even if the setup is meant to show us how bad things are, so we enjoy the eventual character redemption/triumph more, there are ways to do this without triggering people who actually have to face these issues in the real world. My co-host, Anisa (@laica) has battled life threatening allergies for decades of her life. To show SSR as a manchild is fine. To show him being actively cruel and selfish because of the same conditions as my friend, insults the years of pain and isolation she dealt with while always being considerate towards the people in her life. This would be less of an issue if so many dramas didn’t use mental/physical illness to excuse shitty behaviour.
        And the problem with many dramas is that even when their end goal is to address things like ageism and body-shaming, they will indulge in heavy doses of that same prejudice in the initial episodes, believing that all is forgiven because eventually they intend to show how bad that prejudice is.

        Anyway, we do appreciate your comment, and it’s good to know that the drama was worth watching to the end for you. =)


          Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, @katakwasabi. @festerfaster has explained beautifully, and far more coherently (❤︎), the reason why I found the first episode so upsetting, and why I will never go back and finish Perfume. As Paroma said, it’s a particularly egregious example of a dramaworld-wide problem. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the drama, though, and I don’t begrudge anyone who liked it.