(contd.) But it starts to wither and becomes suffocating with unvoiced feelings in the air. The time jump allowed them time to understand their feelings and maybe that’s what you need in real life…


    I haven’t seen Reply 1997 yet, but time, and more specifically time skips, can be such a useful tool for romance dramas that it’s sad that it’s underutilized. People do need time to figure out their feelings. This is why I like dramas like Tomorrow with You and Temperature of Love.


      Exactly. In many dramas where a time jump has been employed as a plot device, it’s potential has either been wasted or it has been somewhat unnecessary. Creating angst for the sake of it (I’m looking at you, Coffee Prince) or as a cover up for lazy writing (I prefer my character development to be shown, not told, Cheese in the Trap!).
      And you need to watch the show because it is EVERYTHING!!!