30 Days Drama Challenge
Day 7: Best OTP

Technically, there are so many other dramas that has great OTP, but Na-ri and Hwa-shin from Jealousy Incarnate is still the last couple that reassured me that romcom used to be so much fun. I miss the times when romcom is hilarious and heart-fluttering, yet still full of important messages. When exploring all the facets (even the silly and the ugly) of a romantic relationship is the main drive of the story. When writer doesn’t need to inject an ill-fitted thriller to move the story forward.

Hwa-shin and Na-ri are as unconventional as a couple can be. They are always unapologetically them during all the phases of their relationship: from medical check up “dates” to impromptu dance of love. They make slice-of-life super exciting, turn potentially bloody love triangle into something hilarious, face the heavy issues sensitively but with their good humor still intact, and retain their complex personality well after they’ve became an official couple.

It’s 2020. Seo Sook-hyang writer-nim, don’t you think it’s time to come back with another romcom full of witty, bizarrely make sense, and superb dialogues? Because I’m desperate of one now.


    Jealousy Incarnate!!! ❤️
    The last show that made me wait for the episodes was Be Melodramatic and before that was Jealousy Incarnate. Writers have seriously forgotten that rom coms used to have good comedy too. And well the comedy in JI is spot on and it’s the only show I’d like to rewatch. I was kind of disappointed with Wok of Love but most people who continued watching it said that it was in line with what SSH has previously written. Hence, JI was rather only different. I just wish she writes more like JI often. We don’t get laugh out loud wacky comedy much anyway.


    He had breast cancer though. It wasn’t a thriller but as we know cancer is one of the worst serial killers out there.


    I love this drama! I love him in his glasses and her, “dont let other people see you in your glasses!” I love him trying to sleep with her when the 3 of them are all living together when she’s trying to “make up her mind”. I love the bromance (stop mid-fight to assure themselves that they are still best friend!)
    I love that first kiss when they both assure themselves that they are horrible people–but they couldn’t stop themselves anyway.
    Their chemistry is OFF. THE. WALL


    HwaShin that guy so jealous that he’s jealous of their son haha 😂
    that drama was a nice one 🙂
    (Jo Jung Seok with glasses though 😍 !)