I have puffy eyes and a splitting headache rn from crying over every damn episode of Move to Heaven. But I’m glad I watched it, tears and all.


    Such a good show. I have so much I want to say about this show, but for now I just will say that every story in this show was beautiful as well as heart-wrenchingly sad. I think I will re-watch the drama frequently.

    One question I do have: is there going to be a sequel? The way episode 10 ended makes me think so.


      I wish DB would recap each episode because I could write an essay about each one.

      Who knows? They left an opening but it feels complete too if there is not a second season. I suppose it depends on how many people watch.


        Same! I have strong thoughts about most of these stories. Even the most mundane of these stories — the tale about the mother with dementia who wanted to buy her son a suit — is beautiful and heartbreaking. I find myself wanting to write a lot about these episodes, too, and, if a recap doesn’t go up, I might post some lengthy thoughts on my fan wall at some point.


    I just finished and am still crying, but I don’t regret a thing. It’s truly rare for drama to be so beautiful and moving.