Can someone take a look at my website and give me feedback on the type of media I create, what thoughts come to mind, etc. It’s for homework🙏🙏


    That’s a very creative hand you’ve got there. I don’t know much about art, but I appreciate it. Love your use of colour – it’s bold and striking. I also liked the images containing silhouettes; they give off a very elegant feel. Any details re your inspiration behind them?


    I don’t normally click on random sites but when I saw someone else do it, I took a chance.
    Great start! Your navigation is clear and the work is impressive. The only thing I would suggest is you add more information about the particular designs – what is your inspiration for any one of them?
    Also I like how you separated out your use of tools – I’m impressed with your use of Illustrator! I’ve worked in a bit, and it is NOT easy!
    Your posters/flyers are stunning, as are you! What a great photo!!!
    Keep working on it, add more information about why you do the designs you do etc.
    Also, I clicked on the tribute page and it came up with the HTML code at the top. You might want to change the display settings.
    Good job!


    hey @giocare i loved ur site… and Flyers are sooo cool and looks so professional…. and website is easy to navigate too.
    i have one suggestion, as it works for Photographers.
    you made the navigation as Portfolio and under that you have all different categories. I’d suggest you update portfolio as one page(instead or one menu entry) and there add 2 images of each category (to give visitor a chance to look at your best work all together) and there you can add hyperlink to page of respective category of work…

    let me know if that understandable if not ill try to explain more.
    Btw i am so in awe with your work and how great you are with Adobe tools. Keep it up girl.


    My favorite are the flyers. My eye is drawn to them and they convey their information without being confusing. My favorite illustration is Starry Night. It makes me feel a warm summer evening full of hopes and dreams.