Watching “The Untamed” (trying for like the 150th time). On ep 25. And wow. Everybody is an ass. I mean, 99% of these people are GIANT asses. And sister just abandoned her “brother” like that!? WTF!?


    I agree, sort of 😅😅 ….
    Even Wei Ying was sort of a butt (towards Lan Zhan, who was the only sane one and not a butt) in this episode…. I’d say that the Sister’s decision to return with Madam Jin was her attempt to keep a civil (if not good) relationship with the Jin Clan for the sake of her brother, who’s now the head of the Yunmeng Clan, and also because Sister actually likes Jin Zi Xuan 🤢 and is just trying to be respectful towards his mother, Madam Jin