Welp, I just finished marathoning Put Your Head on My Shoulder in 2.5 days… So this is how I spent my long weekend… (To be fair, I was also sick & bedridden)

I’d say it’s the result of all the beanies spazzing on the fanwall, which is part of it, but also because I loved A Love So Beautiful to pieces so I figured I’d enjoy this too. And I was right! I marathoned this drama pretty much the same way I did with ALSB. They’re just both lots of gooey giggling snorting cute that can get you easily addicted. I don’t think there’s any other way to watch them, honestly (that and I think if I were to watch live, my brain would think too much & focus on the flaws more).

The OST was also super nice in this drama too, esp. the opening theme song. Very much like ALSB. Gotta love that the opening song alone could hook you in for each drama.

Anyhow, I very much enjoyed my time and felt it was well spent, hee :p

Time to find the Viet translation of the novel to read~ (Wouldn’t be surprised if the novel turns out to be very different like it did for ALSB too).


    Actually, you can read what several Chinese -reading Beanies say about the novel on rabbit. I wish I could read Vietnamese well enough to read a novel. I can read, but slowly and with a dictionary, so it would take me forever. You’ve been invited to 末未 wants juice!: https://www.rabb.it/s/vsnmsv