Start Up.E12

Everybody learned about the truth this hour. 🤧

So Alex played dirty when he’d be employing ONLY the Samsan boys leaving our CEO Dal Mi and Sa Ha out of the story. It was sad because all of them looked forward to that day! That talk between Do San and DM was so sweet! 🥰

DS and DM learned the truth about Yong San’s brother and Ji Pyeong was dragged into the mess. I mean come on, he IS their mentor and he HAS to act like one too. After contemplating, he finally said that the team has themselves to blame as no one thought about re-checking the contract before signing! Seriously, people should do that! IRL, Breaking contract is a BIG DEAL! 🤔

And the one that broke my heart: JP finally learned about Noongil’s significance! That’s why DS was mad, he can’t just throw away that project! Its for Halmeoni for goodness sake!! 😭 Kim Seon Ho nailed that scene with Halmeoni, it was perfect!! 😭 Now I am hoping that JP/DS will be partners for Noongil! Please, jebal! Enough of them punching (*though they still look hawt despite their bruises, why is that, seriously 🤪)

DM. Aww. She has some good points today. Can people stop treating her like a kid? That scene with JP (*eating noodles, again 🙈) was great. She is Samsan’s CEO, she needs to learn the facts even though the truth hurts, most of the time. Adults deal about it, like all the time! And being the adult she is, she just knew what card she needs to pull on DS to push him to go to Silicon Valley! And it worked! Painful as it is (Both cried so much it hurts 🥺), I think it was a good decision for them to go on separate ways. But some beanies pointed out, why not try the Long Distance Relationship?! Right?! Haha. *reminds myself That ofcourse its kdrama — separation is a must!! 🤨

So glad that in the end, she proved how resilient she is! Pride aside, she just has to thrive! Thanks to JP’s prodding, it was a good choice!! I want more of In Jae! I hope they’d bond in the coming episodes (*oh on these last 4 episodes 😣 come on 🤷🏻‍♀️)

DS, you are a genius!! You can’t see it yourself but you are gold!! The walk in the rain showed much he truly cares for DM and how she matters to him. But turned out he didn’t see the rainbow! Whoa. The writing’s good when pointing things out for the characters to see. Maybe, he will not see the rainbow NOW but maybe later or maybe not in Korea. Soon, things will fall into its rightful place, at the right time too! 🤗

And I am Still loving this show!! 💯
Looking forward for the time jump next week! Can’t wait to see DS and the boys being so cool and with so much swaaaag! 😎😎😎Haha.

Ps. Chul San/SH, awww, the ship has sailed! 🛥 *I believe 😜


    She thought he was wasting his potential. Anyone watched dream High btw? Do anyone remind you of these two…?


    I hope they don’t squander their chance to bring the bromance we all loved back into the show. Dosan is finally on Jipeyong’s level now. While I agree with you, fighting like cavemen was hot, but their witty back and forth was delightful. Why can’t they all be friends!????!


      This!! I dunno 🤷‍♀️
      I really like them to be friends/brothers!!!