2020 drama list

1. Brilliant Heritage
2. Fatal Promise
3. Woman of 9.9 Billion
4. Forest
5. Dodosolsollalasol
6. Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful
7. Once Again
8. Homemade Love Story
9. Love with Flaws
10. Chip In
11. When I Was the Most Beautiful
12. Never Twice
13. Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim 2
14. Do You Like Brahms?
15. Penthouse
16. My Unfamiliar Family
17. Record of Youth
18. Black Dog
19. Oh My Baby
20. Flower of Evil
21. Tale of the Nine Tailed
22. Hospital Playlist
23. Crashes Landing On You
24. When My Love Blooms
25. Diary of a Prosecutor
26. Mystic Pop-up Bar
27. Chocolate
28. Lies of Lies
29. Mysterious Freshman
30. Something Happened in Bali
31. East of Eden
32. Cain and Abel
33. The Thorn Birds
34. Yoona’s Street
35. Welcome to Waikiki
36. Childless Comfort
37. Five Fingers
38. Solomon’s Perjury
39. Page Turner
40. Sky Castle
41. Misty




    Congratulations on managing so many dramas @hebang Did you complete them all?


      Yes, that is the completed list. Being retired, in a lockdown, and taking care of family – which involves among other things watching dramas with them…leads to a lot of viewing.

      Hope you And all yours are safe and doing well.


        Yes, thanks. We’re all very well and managing well mostly at home. We no longer have a stringent lockdown, just restrictions in some businesses, gathering sizes etc, and so we’re free to roam within limits. If anything, most of us find that working from home makes us busier with less time for leisure, or work expects that we are available to get things done whenever. The demarcation between work and off-work time is blurred.

        Fortunately I’m not in that bad a situation, however, I’m still too busy to watch that many dramas. 😅 😬 😄