Heirs. For better or for worse, Kale(@christina41218) and I have completed you. You had it all: shirtless beach showers in California, cringe-worthy English dialogue, youthful escapades such as stock trading and underage engagements, broody misunderstandings, at least one good slap every other episode, horrendous father figures, tears, tears, and more tears, and unjustified redemption arcs to easily solve all our problems at the last minute. What a ride you were.

After all this, that’s not to say you didn’t have addictive qualities, an enjoyable sismance between our leads’ moms, and a certain nostalgia factor that comes with a young Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin. But the best part was none other the shining gem that was Krystal’s character. A character that stole every scene she was in in the funniest way: by turning petty jealousy into acts of kindness and friendship while pretending to be huffy about it. Plus, this line will forever crack me up now.