Fini’s Third (Pretty Much) Annual Kpop Top 20 for 2020: A Continuation

10. Love Me Harder – Woodz | Equal
With UNIQ inactive and X1 disbanded prematurely, Cho Seungyoun was out to prove that this was still going to be his year. Love Me Harder has an insanely catchy whistle hook, strong vocals, fun choreography with a sexy twist, and an incredibly charismatic MV.

9. Go Away Go Away – Punch and Chanyeol | Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim 2
I didn’t even watch this drama, but I adore a good duet. Beautiful harmonization, melodic guitar, clear vocals, and soft rap make for a wonderfully peaceful listen.

8. Criminal – Taemin | Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1
“Destroy me more.” You did, Taemin. No other words are necessary for this song. Brilliant.

7. Bump Bump – Woodz | WHOOPS!
Woodz delivers a nostalgic punk rock vibe with just the right amount of upbeat quirkiness. Playful and just downright fun, Bump Bump has a captivating key change that keeps the song fresh until the very end.

6. Goblin (Favorite Boys) – A.C.E. | HJZM : The Butterfly Phantasy
I was confused upon first hearing this song. It seemed to throw a lot at me all at once. But the more I heard it and digested it, the more I grew to love it. The song spotlights great moments for A.C.E’s rappers, has a high-energy chorus, and sports some top notch choreography.

5. Open Mind – Wonho | Love Synonym Pt.1: Right for Me
A super solid solo debut that makes me excited to hear more from Wonho. All muscles aside, Open Mind has a great funky groove that’s both smooth and sensual. Refined and elegant choreography bring the entire song up a notch.

4. Dolphin – Oh My Girl | Nonstop
This song is SO charming and will get stuck in your head like nothing else. I’ve been “da da da-ing” for days with no signs of stopping. Simple hook, but incredibly effective.

3. YooA – Bon Voyage | Bon Voyage
A late addition to this list, but I heard it once and instantly added it. This song is a breath of fresh air in which minimalism and nature meet fantasy and vibrancy to create a unique Disney-esque vibe in the world of kpop.

2. Hwasa – LMM | Maria
Such a stunning piece. Hwasa has incredible control and range as she effortlessly traverses both a light falsetto and power vocals in just the right places for an emotionally packed track.

1. Kai – Nothing On Me | KAI
This album is flawless. Pick any track – they are all masterpieces. Kai’s growth as an artist is tremendously evident and the care he put into cultivating each track is palpable. Nothing On Me’s dark synth instrumental is both hypnotizing and sexy with Kai’s vocals finally getting their chance to shine.