I finally got around to completing 18 Again not too long ago, and I just couldn’t let this drama go without giving it some well-deserved praise on my wall. My gosh, Lee Do Hyun. What a great performance. The twenty-something year old actor nailed every emotional beat from a teenager struggling with newborn twins to the middle-aged father protecting and befriending his children while they are in high school. Not to mention those sweet scenes in between watching his children grow up – both full of joy and some heartbreak. Add a little romance in the mix and color me totally impressed.


    He did better than zac efron honestly.
    Well, to be fair, LDH got more airtime (18ish hour in total) to developed his character compared to zac’s 1.5ish hour movie.


    I started this one on Friday and I’m on episode 7 right now. I’m so impressed with LDH. I liked him so much in Sweet Home and he’s just proving now what a great actor he is. He nails the ahjussi teenager.