Fini’s 2nd (Potentially) Annual Kpop Top 19 for 2019: A Continuation

8. Flashlight – Junho | TWO
I’m cheating a little bit since the songs on TWO were released in Japanese last year, but since most are new to the Korean album, I’m sticking to it. Impressively, all tracks were co-composed and lyrics written by Junho himself. Let’s just all enjoy some Junho, shall we?

It’s like flashlight. The curtains fell, and our love that was like a magnet, scattered far away like smoke.

7. Love Poem – IU | Love Poem
Musically, vocally, lyrically…everything about the song is striking. There’s not much I can say to do this song justice, so just listen to it. You may get a little teary-eyed.

I’ll be there, behind you when you walk alone. Singing till the end, this song that won’t end. Open your ears for just a moment. I’ll sing for you, who is walking through an especially long night

6. Insomnia – Euijin | e:motion
As a member of both Bigflo and UNB, Euijin is sadly still underrated despite his fantastic stage presence and dancing skills. This is a solid pop solo track that I hope will just be the start for him.

I was a fool. I don’t wanna lose you. When the day I dreamt of comes, I endlessly collapse.

5. UN Village – Baekhyun | City Lights
I was so tempted to put a b-side from City Lights as the album is enjoyable from start to finish; however, the title track puts Baekhyun’s effortless vocals front and center in a chill R&B track with limitless replayability.

Even if you say you already knew…With the feeling of that first time, I’ll lead you. Lean on me.

4. Let’s Talk About Love – NU’EST | Happily Ever After
Seeing NU’EST do well just makes me happy. The slower beat and laid-back feel give the song a dreamy quality. Like a lazy afternoon, I can just relax while listening to this song.

Throughout my day, which was an uphill road, you would call and ask if I’d eaten. Ask where I am and what I’m doing. My you, you would worry about me

3. Want – Taemin | WANT
Move is one of my favorite kpop songs, so I wasn’t sure how any follow-up could possibly come close. I shouldn’t have doubted Taemin. He once again delivers a fantastically catchy track with his mesmerizingly fluid choreography. Hot hot.

You don’t feel complete, you’re trying to define this passion. Your instincts and even your reason will want me more.

2. Jekyll – EXO | Obsession
Despite missing our members in the military, I love how EXO’s latest album brought supporting vocals to the forefront and gave everyone a chance to shine. The concept of EXO/X-EXO is mirrored in this Jekyll and Hyde song that gives us flowing, smooth vocals that transition into a jarring, almost unsettling chorus.

Why are you pushing me out, I’m already inside you. I control myself.

1. Best Part – DAY6 | The Book of Us: Gravity
Once again, I adore every track on this album by DAY6. I love the drum/clap intro and build up to the upbeat chorus that shines with cheerful instrumentation and uplifting lyrics. This was an amazing song to see live and if you have the opportunity, don’t miss out on Day6.

Today’s me is living today so that tomorrow’s me will be happy. So that on the last day of my life I am filled with smiles…

Happy New Year Everyone! May there be many more kpop favorites for next year!


    Yes! I agree!!! Seeing Day6 playing Best Part live was One if the best parts of my 2019! Happy New Year!


    Best Part is amazing! It was clearly written to be a concert song, but the message and melody alone never fails to cheer me up. I can’t wait until I can experience it live. JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS.


      I’m so excited for you! Their concerts are such an incredible experience. Where are you getting to see them?


        I’m going to the Amsterdam and Brussels concerts! I opted to buy the cheapest tickets available (because theyre so flippin pricy) to attend 2 concerts rather than pay once for a single real pricy one.

        I went last year as well when they were in Europe. I am still amazed and consider myself really lucky they’re back this year with another world tour. It must be so exhausting!


          I also saw them in both Atlanta and Dallas within a year for different world tours…it seems they’ve been touring non-stop! Crazy! They always put their all into their concerts – it’s really impressive. HAVE A GREAT TIME! (Wonder if you’ll get to hear any new songs off of Entropy!)


            I think they only put Sweet Chaos in their setlist from the Entropy album. They added Days Gone By last year too after their december comeback, but no other songs. This makes sense, since otherwise they’d have to change their setlist too much.