Ok, so I hate shopping. Unless it’s for 1 of 3 things:
1. Books
2. Groceries
3. Home goods ooooooooh zetus lapetus do I LOVE shopping for home goods. To the point that I need someone to hold me back so I don’t come twirling out of the store like
I can no longer afford cheese, but darling the platter I just bought….
I spent all my money on throw pillows and can no longer pay my rent! But feel how soft..
Suuuuuure I’m technically homeless now but those bookcases, darling….

I need someone to sharply smack my hand and say, “no, idea, bad! Bad girl!”
So knowing myself as I do I asked the woman I’m staying with to go with me to buy the essentials. I said I have a 200 budget.
She has never been broke or poor in her life, I bet. We dropped 48 in dollar tree (where everything’s a dollar) and then we twirled into target. After close to 3 hours (And let me remind you I’ve taken the last 2 days off work for being sick) we head to the cashiers line. 233 dollars.
For those without there calculators in hand lets do some basic calculations.
200 budget. Minus 48 spent. 152 left. I spent 233. Almost a cool hundy over. Oh my friends, not even the point of the tale. On Monday i was sent home from work for vomitting (not as fun a tale to tell as when I almost vommitted on the children). I immediately went to bed. Tuesday morning I wandered downstairs. The woman I’m staying with has Tuesdays off and there on the counter was the fruit of her mornings labor.
“Oh,” says she, “here are some curtains I picked up. 20 each. I only got one of each because I wasn’t sure if you’d like them! OH, also, I picked up a 40 dollar microwave!”
Who remembers how much over budget I was?
A cool 20 bucks away from an even 100.
I don’t think she’s ever had to adhere to a budget. Ever.