First of all, I am still mourning what I THOUGHT that Brahms was. I am in the middle of a pandemic. I was expecting romantic, but grounded FLUFF. This is not fluff! But once I am able to get over that, I have to hand it to the writer. This drama has made me feel so invested and has shown some extremely realistic and heart-tugging relationships. I still think that this writer can do something amazing, but more and more I fear a time-skippy, open-ended mess. I sooo want a nuanced, dramatic emotional story, and still feel hopeful that we will get one… except I also still feel grumpy at times that IT IS NOT FLUFF!!!!


    Lol I feel you! I get the story and I get the importance and all that but I want fluff!


    I went into this drama because of Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin, not knowing it was melo. So this turn of events has made my heart suffer because the awkward beginning and cuteness was sooooo good. Just need to hang in there for another 2 episodes.