Under duress, please consider this list the very subjective best of SHINee adjacent and IU @christine41218 @crysta @infinitize
1) I Wanna Be, Key – it brings everyone to the dance floor, #Bling Bling
2) Unlucky, IU – I love a song with dissonance between the feeling the the lyrics. As always, IU does both brilliantly.
3) Never Forever – Taemin sells a chill groove as well as he sells everything else.
4) The Visitor, IU – ah the romantic angst of youth (and because Jig already included About Time)
5) Hip, Mamamoo – an anthem for just about everything.
6) I’m Home – We love you for more than just your talent, Minho.
8) I Can’t Stand the Rain, SuperM, – a bit less silly than Jopping and just as danceable (plus Kale took No Manners).