Beanie level: Water maid

Whoa. I totally missed the first three (dependable guy Rin, the robe, the alcohol). With so many deliberate full circle moments like these… one can wish this ship is the endgame, right? 😕


    I need to go and check with subs!


      Ah, my Korean is poor but I can translate the gist! *be right back with the translation*


      1) Rin: “I’ll be dependable, me…
      (San: “Father, don’t worry. This guy here is a truly dependable companion”)

      2) Rin who gives his robe to San

      3) Rin who pours alcohol for San

      4) Rin the masked man

      5) “Someone who always avoiding my gaze.”

      6) San: “I should’ve fall once, then. To see how you’d react” / Rin: “I won’t be able to catch you, (we’re) too far away.”

      7) “I wanted to hold her hands first.”

      8) “I shouldn’t have sent her away.” (And then he confessed)

      9) “You always come to save me, whenever I was caught.”

      10) RinSan’s eye contacts

      11) Whirlwind RinSan