I finished ep 16 of FoS just in time and that was the most satisfying ending in a drama. I can understand why so many people were requesting that second season. That last episode was perfectly written, no one can convince me otherwise. The dialogue, the emotions, the smiles, everything fit just right and I loved every minute.

I definitely agree with ep 14 being tortuous to get through, I think I cried during about 80% of that one and I needed a tissue box next to me. But, that episode showcased all of the nuances in each character and the actors did a marvelous job portraying them. The good guys, the bad guys, and everyone in between had so much depth, it was beautiful to watch.

This drama was spectacular in all regards and is in my top 10. The direction, writing, cinematography, soundtrack, and acting were excellent and combined is unparalleled.

I’m already feeling withdrawal symptoms so I think I’m going to binge watch all of the season 1 behind the scenes videos to get me out of this slump before S2 starts. I’m ready to watch more Shimok and Yeojin moments.