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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 4 screencap gallery


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 4 screencap gallery pt 2


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 4 screencap gallery pt 3



reminded me of this


    which reminds me of benjamin button

    he is ageing in reverse..OR military training can make a fit man fitter, somehow


      Now this sums up my thought about KSH pretty much. His acting ability has matured as well.


I have replayed this at least 15 times.


Kim Mi-kyung!!!! I didn\’t know she was going to be in this! #It\’sOkaytoNotBeOkay


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 2 screencap gallery


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 2 screencap gallery pt 2


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay ep 2 screencap gallery pt 3


Guys, I have finally made it through the second half of the second episode of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. It was a struggle. I watched the first half yesterday afternoon and everything was great. I was absorbed into the story, and my internet was behaving itself. I paused at the halfway point and planned to watch the rest before I went to bed. Except by then it was raining and it just kept raining and I eventually gave up and went to sleep (oh the joys of satellite internet…). So I settled down for my second attempt this afternoon. I had everything loaded and ready when a sudden downpour came. No internet. I waited a few minutes for it to lighten up, reloaded the episode, and watched mayyybe a minute of it before another downpour came. I waited. The sun came out, I reloaded the episode, and I watched mayyyyybe another minute of it before another downpour of rain came. It was almost comical at this point. Fortunately the fourth time was the charm, and I made it to the last 15 min when I had to leave it again to go eat. Which is fine except that when I was finished eating it was the beginning of that time of day when everyone and their mother is also online streaming all the things and it further slows down an already slowed down internet (oh the joys of limited data internet….). Which means I had to wait several hours for everyone and their mother to go to bed so that the internet could return to a semi-usable speed.
But I did it. I finally made it through the whole episode and it was really good, so I consider the struggle worthwhile.
The things I go through just to watch dramas 😆.

(also I took like a thousand screencaps, so you can expect to see a few of those soon)


Loving these friendships 💚💛💙


Super late to this, but wow, I like. Really looking forward to watching this boy’s acting and singing career.


Lmao at Fungus Eliminator whose interest is happiness.


Still one of my favorite choreos. I need more of this lyrical, fluid style in Kpop.


Had fun watching this video last night.


I somehow fell down a We Got Married YT hole 🤦‍♀️. Particularly a Sungjae & Joy hole. Send help.



Compiled & updated the few I already answered and filled in the rest!

1. Favorite Kdrama

I have like…15. Today I’ll go with Healer. The characters, the writing…so good.

2. Favorite Cdrama

I only just finished my first, Put Your Head On My Shoulder, and while it was cute, I had some issues with it and wouldn’t put it as my favorite. I’m currently watching When We Were Young 2018, and it’s looking like a good contender.

3. Favorite Jdrama

Kahogo no Kahoko (it’s the only one I’ve seen 😄)

4. First Drama Ever Watched

Master’s Sun. Oh, the feelings! The excitement! I told my story of discovery here:

5. Favorite Male Lead

Another hard one, but I’ll go with Lee Kang Doo in Just Between Lovers.

6. Favorite Female Lead

I would say Chae Young Shin, but since I’ve already awarded Healer as favorite drama, I’ll spread the love and give it to someone else. Woo Seo Ri in Thirty But Seventeen!

7. Best OTP

I’m leaning towards JBL for this one, but Healer, INAR, My Love From Another Star, Queen In Hyun’s Man, A Moment at Eighteen, Thirty But Seventeen, and Weightlifting Fairy are also strong contenders.

8. Worst NOTP

So, I don’t have much to choose from here. I’m in my third year of drama watching, and I’ve almost exclusively watched highly recommended shows haha. There are a couple that come to mind though:

-Not sure if this qualifies since they really were not an OTP, but I thought the noona romance in Bottom of the 9th with 2 outs was terrible.

–People with Flaws. I didn’t actually watch this; I just loosely followed the recaps. When I came to the last recap, I decided to watch a few scenes from the last episode to get a feel for what the show was like. Anyway, from what I saw of the main couple…it was so bad, you guys 😂

(There is also the main romance in Goblin, and on a possibly more controversial note, I could also talk about how the romance in I Hear Your Voice didn’t really work for me either.)

9. Favorite Secondary Couple

Reaper and Sunny? Idk. That’s the first one that comes to mind. So far the only secondary couple I liked more than the main couple.

I also liked Jang Woo and Eun Shil in Weather. Particularly how he loves his job and sees the beauty in the mundane, and that’s what she admires about him.

10. Best Kiss

So, the first one that came to mind was the one in the kitchen in I’m Not a Robot. But for me, a good kiss doesn’t necessarily depend on how passionate/steamy it is but the meaning behind it. So, really, I liked the one in Ep 27 even more. This was when they spent the whole episode sitting on that bench talking through their issues (quite possibly my favorite ep of the series), and Min-kyu takes the chance not knowing what kind of allergic reaction he might have and kisses Jia in a moment of forgiveness, restoration, and culmination of feelings that had been building up throughout the show.

Honorable mentions: the one in JBL when he climbs through her window, the red carpet kiss in My Love From Another Star (also the other ones because he faints afterwards lol), and the ones in Healer ofc.

11. Worst Kiss

I don’t recall seeing anything truly horrid yet. There were some mediocre ones, a few of those classic wide-eyed ones, and the Imma-just-stand-here-like-a-stiff-board ones…but nothing specific immediately comes to mind. I certainly haven’t seen any as bad as the ones some of you posted about!

12. Drama That You Can Watch Over and Over

I haven’t reached the re-watching stage of my drama journey yet. There are several I plan to rewatch at some point, but I like to wait a long time (long enough to forget the details) before I rewatch or reread things. Plus my tendency to reach for a new story will always be stronger than revisiting an old one regardless of how much I loved it. I also have the fear that it won’t be as good the second time. I think my memory of a drama is sometimes greater than the actual drama.

13. Overrated Drama

Fight My Way *runs and hides*

14. Underrated Drama

Hmm. Go Back Spouses, Moment at Eighteen. Shut Up: Flower Boy Band maybe?
Has everyone seen to.Jenny or do I need to sing its praises?

15. Best Drama Villain

Mr. Creepy Serial Killer in I Hear Your Voice was effective. Drama would have fallen flat without him.
The villains in Signal made an impact since some of them were based on real-life crime events.

Honorable mention to Shin Sung Rok in MLFAS for being a memorable villain *twists ring* and Moon Shik in Healer for being interesting and complex. Ohh there’s also White Christmas’s villain.

16. Worst Drama Villain

Not a villain villain but I was really disturbed by the girl’s mom in Everything and Nothing.
Idk what else to put here.

17. Drama That Deserves a S2

I would watch a second season of Signal (which I hear is in the works), but only if it had the same three leads and preferably the same writer and directer and it was done right and it continued the story where it left off. What are the chances?

18. Drama with SLS

I have so far been really good at shipping who I’m supposed to ship lol.

19. Drama With Squad Goals

Healer, Hacker Ahjumma, Chae Young Shin & Uncle Moon Ho 4ever.

Also the three leads working across time in Signal.

20. Drama That Made You Cry

My second drama, My Love From Another Star. Cried buckets in the last 2-3 eps because I had read comments that people did not like the ending and interpreted that to mean Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi would be separated forever lol. I, for one, was rather relieved and happy with the ending.

21. Drama That Made You Laugh

Hahahaha. Ok, so other dramas have definitely had their moments, but I Hear Your Voice remains the only one that has sent me into a full-on uncontrollable laughing fit:

Ep 13. Approximately 20 minutes in. A hot courtroom. Everyone looks bored to tears including me. Fortunately Mr. Honorable Judge has a fan stored under his desk which he attempts to switch on with his toe-socked feet. He succeeds to great effect.
So random and done purely for comedic effect. I was left gasping for air at some unholy hour of the night trying not to wake my parents.

Honorable mentions:
@snarkyjellyfish recently reminded me of that great scene in WFKBJ where instead of rescuing Bok Ju from the oncoming spray of water from a passing car Joon-hyung instead hides behind her and uses her as his shield.
-That scene in Goblin when the car splits in half and “Time to Say Goodbye” starts playing.
-Most recently I LOLed in WWWY18 when Hua Biao threw that candy or whatever it was down Yang Xi’s shirt. Also I snorted at that very last scene after the credits in the short film Two Lights: Relumino.

22. Drama With The Best Ending

Two of my more recently watched shows 30B17 and GBS left me with all the warm fuzzies.

I wasn’t initially sure about the direction SUFFB took, but upon reflection I concluded it was rather nice from a storytelling point of view and meaningful in light the toxicity that is often found within the Kpop world.

23. Drama With A Terrible Ending

Heh. Ifwytwin? I should probably stop picking on that show now…but really within my small pool of dramas, it’s the one I’ve gotten the most worked up about.

There have been several (perhaps the majority) that I wasn’t fully satisfied with for one reason or another, but in my quest of only watching well-loved shows I haven’t come across anything truly despicable. I should really watch one of those infamously terrible shows sometime. I ought to have that experience at least once, right?

24. Best Drama OST

I love Signal’s OST which consists of some older songs that were re-recorded. It really goes along with the feel of the drama and the past era it is set in.
Because This Life is Our First had a really nice OST.
Healer, M@18, JBL…

25. Best Drama Family

Jang Nara’s family in Go Back Spouses, I loved Chae Young Shin’s relationship with her dad and ex-convict ahjusses in Healer, the brother relationship in Circle, the band of misfits in 30B17, Eun Seop’s adoptive family in Weather (Hwi!).

26. Best Drama Bromance

While I enjoyed the ones in Goblin and School 2013, I think the boys in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band take the cake for me. So many feels.

27. Drama Cliche You Never Tire Of

Not really a cliche but there seems to be a recurring theme of lonely/socially isolated characters (the most extreme examples of this being INAR, Healer, MLFAS). That never gets old for me because I find it relatable. One of these days I want to write an essay on this, but I feel like I would need to rewatch those dramas in order to do a proper job of it and well…we’ve already discussed the rewatching thing.

I fully agree with those of you who mentioned back hugs–those will never get old.
friends to lovers
bicycle rides!!
The doctoring of cuts and scraps between the OTP always gets me lol
Rooftop room living
Scenes in the rain or snow
Trips to the countryside

28. Dr…[Read more]


I also appreciated the cat humor at the beginning of episode 8 when Gu Weiyi and Fu Pei decide to compete with each other by laying seashells at Momo’s feet. #PutYourHeadOnMyShoulderCatMoments


Shout-out to the adorable cat who made a cameo in Put Your Head On My Shoulder because dramaland needs more cats. I mean, I know Welcome had one but I ain’t watching that. (maybe someone on youtube made a compilation video of just the cat scenes. I’ll go look for that…)


Last night I watched the short film Two Lights: Relumino after coming across it on MDL. It is a 2017 promotional film for a Samsung visual aid app starring Park Hyung Sik and Han Ji Man. I have an interest in stories of people with vision impairments, and I thought this one, although rather short, was really lovely and well-done. The device was incorporated into the story well–it’s PPL done right :). In 30 minutes it manages to give us a glimpse into the lives of the visually impaired, and it treats their conditions with sensitivity and warmth. I recommend it as a pleasant half-hour watch.