Adding ‘Catch the Ghost’ to my list of “I wish there’s a Season 2” and I am not alone!!!


    Really? Is it very good?

    I thought it isn’t good so I didn’t think I’d watch it though KSH is in it. So now you piqued my interest…


      Yes! KSH showed so much range here… action, comedy, drama, romance! This proved to me he’s a really great actor… (I think I would’ve noticed him here if I had watched this during it’s run)

      Read somewhere that some didn’t like the FL because she caused the ML so much trouble… but for me, that was part of the story.
      Loved the plot, how the romance was developed, but was never the center … loved the cast and their chemistry. It was a very balanced drama, a good mix of everything. Will look out for the next drama of the writer!

      I also like the genre, and am a fan of the FL since “My Little Bride” so I might be biased. 😛

      Hope I convinced you to give it a try 🙂