30 minutes in epi8 of Start Up and am back to fangirl of this well made drama (i am forgiving that misplaced kiss).
epi 8 been such an emotional ride so far… and i cry everytime SamSan giggled when their NoonGil gave right answer to that lady n halmouni…..i can feel those emotions when you work on ur aspirations ans it turned out to be near perfect….

and then this drama made me realise how much lucky we are to have what others cant.

Thank you Startup and please be like this till the end.


    and now after finishing it.. am crying even more.
    Suzy.. girl you hv won me over with your fab acting in the scene with Halmouni… ur tears made me cry even more than before…
    you have improved ur acting… soooo much. keep it up girl.
    and 2 versions of Epilogue.. hahahahhaha i loved both and the expression on HJPs face in second one was hilarious.
    btw why i feel this particular moment will be back in future when Do San will give ride to Dal Mi in his own big car or may on his bicycle…