Every drama/movies that we watch are from the perspective of director/writer, their interpretation of how certain character would react/behave in certain situations.
Which then interpreted and acted by the actors as character.
And then i see people trying to over analyse things/acts as if what they know is the only right thing… and everything till now shown is wrong… director is wrong, characters are wrong and so the actors.
i tend to wonder why people think only they are right… ? this is one big wide world with so many people and every single person have gone through things which rest of hs dont even hv clue abt and that makes them to react to situations in certain ways.
why as viewers we tend to become judges to pass our judgement of why ? how ? why not ?

can’t we just enjoy the drama and share our views rather than being critical judges for someone we have no idea what they hv been through ?
even if these are just dramas we still are the outsiders and can let them be.
just my thoughts seeing people are so judgemental abt characters of few dramas.