it really feels good to b e back on fanwall after a long time (credit goes to my backpain, which is not letting me sit for long for work)…
hows are you all… ? hope everyone is doing good and having a great holiday season…

and yes what new dramas are good to start ?
am watching Mr. Queen, Run On and loving both.
Royal Secret Agent… just for the sake of watching as its damn stupid show.


    Welcome back, and I hope you’re feeling better. As a fellow beanie who suffers from regular backpain I totally get you, when you need to rest, it’s rest the only thing that works.
    I’m also watching Run On, I let Mr. Queen on pause because even if it’s really fun, episodes are too long and I’m not in the mood for that. I’ll go back to it for sure.
    I’m also watching Awaken, which I really like but I understand it’s not for everybody (police drama, some supernatural aspect, lots of tropes… but… Namgoong Min… I don’t need anything more). Also Lovestruck in the city which is a bit meh but only 30 minutes episodes, so I’m still watching.