IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK eps 9: Mount Sogeumsan Suspension Bridge

Offering stunning views, the bridge is approximately 200 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and part of the trail which leads to the top of Mount Sogeumsan in Wonju and has become a top tourist attraction in the region, located about 130 kilometers east of Seoul.

MY- Are we going to tie a rope around our ankle and jump or something?
KT- Shall we? Let’s go.
My- No
KT- Why not?
MY- I’m scared
KT – (laugh)
MY- Why are you laughing?
KT- Hearing you say the word scared
MY- You think it’s funny? Do you think it’s fun to cross this stupid bridge?
KT- I just wanted to come up high and enjoy an open view. I can’t come here with Sang-tae. I saw it so it’s all good now. Let’s go back down.
MY- So you are saying you can’t hangout with Sang-tae like this? OK fine. Let’s do this but carry me on your back.
KT- (nod) wait here. I’ll be back….(walks off)
MY- Hey! carry me on your back. I said carry me! Give me a piggyback ride! Darn it. Crap.


    I actually drooled seeing the view and the bridge. I am an avid trekker and love hills and mountains. I would anything to go there man…


    MY is so adorable. She amuses me so. That exchange really cracked me up.


    Great shots of the bridge in the show.


      Loved the fixed shot of the bridge (dont know what it’s called but cameras usually move as they film but this one was fixed) because it would be shaky as they walk on it.