IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK eps 9 : “Dooly the Little Dinosaur”
Is a 1987 South Korean cartoon and animated film created by Kim Soo-jung. Dooly is one of the most respected and commercially successful characters of South Korean animation. It was printed in 1995 in South Korea. Dooly also has a resident registration card, which means he is a citizen of South Korea.


Dooly ( 둘리)
-is a baby dinosaur that was kidnapped by aliens, who had experimented to give him magical powers. When he returned to Earth, he was trapped in an ice glacier causing him to faint during the Ice Age.

Go Heedong (고희동)
-came to live with Uncle Kildong after his parents went abroad to study. He misses his mom every day, but feels utterly entertained by Dooly the Brother.

Douner (도우너)
-the Prince of Planet ‘Kanttappia’ makes an emergency landing on the planet Earth due to the malfunctioning of the ‘Time Cosmos’ Spaceship.

Ddochi (또치)
-the Ostrich that successfully escaped from a Las Vegas circus troop, always insists that she used to be a noble mistress from Africa.

Michol (마이콜, pronounced as “Maikol”)
-is an aspiring singer who lives next to Kildong, and feeds on his passion for dreaming, though he may lack the necessary talent.

(Sang-tae watching Doolie the Little Dinosaur)

ST- Those two guys are. (X 2) Trying to take over our house (X 2) They are a pair of rascals (X 2)
MY- I hate them. I really hate Dooly and his friends. It’s not even their house but they do whatever they want.
I like Ko Kil-dong.
ST- Ko Kil-dong.
MY- He let those guy into his territory. He is a nice guy. What do you think? I like him.
ST- I.. I also like Kil-dong. This..this guy’s name is Teary. His real name is Ko Kil-dong. His name is Teary. This right here is actually a piece of thread, but it’s also a teardrop. His name is Ko Kil-dong.
MY- Do you also like him?
ST- Yes. Ko Kil-dong is a caregiver for Dooly, Douner and Ddochi. I mean he is their guardian and he gives them a place to sleep, gives them food and protect them. Just for your information, I’m Kang-tae’s guardian and a guardian should be dependable and trsustworthy. I’m an adult and his older brother. That’s who I am.
MY- We really click, Sang-tae. We are like best friends.
ST- Best friends……….


    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve heard about this character but I don’t know much about him.


    Thanks for sharing!