IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK eps 14: “The Hand, The Monkfish.”
Sang-tae oppa and Moon-young ❤️😂.

ST- I’ll feed you ok? You are not feeling well today, so it’s ok to be fed like a baby (heh)…
MY- I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Forgive me…
ST- Ok I’ll forgive you if you eat this. (Moon-young eats) Yes! Good girl.
Look at you. You seems to like it. My gosh you are such a good girl…
Moon-young, you are such a good girl. Here, good job!
Don’t fight with Kang-tae. A kiss is better than a fight..
ST- Don’t cry (wipes her tears with his sleeves). I guess you are feeling very ill Moon-young.
MY-I’m so sorry Sang-tae.
ST- Just two … two more spoon.
Good girl.

(These two has the most heartfelt and heartwarming conversations in this drama (had to skip some in this convo to make it shorter).
I just love this family of 3 and if anyone tries to break them apart, I’m going to fight them with my handsome pen ☠️.
Sang-tae oppa didn’t just feed her with delicious food but he fed her with positive encouragements. I want a big brother like Sang-tae too.
When he said two more spoonful, if felt like Mary Poppins was somewhere in the house singing “Spoon full of Sugar” 😃. Now I can’t get it out off my head).


    I’m so far behind…


      It’s ok to be far behind as long as you get to finish it :).


    This was a beautiful scene. His gentleness and kindness (and the comfort food) was healing. Human warmth and support is so eloquent in this drama.

    Also I can’t say too much about Oh Jung-se’s acting. Have you noticed his hands – so expressive. His detailing is mind blowing.


      He has PERFECTED the Autism Spectrum Disorder behaviors so well… if this was my first time seeing him onscreen, I’d BELIEVE he’s on the spectrum!
      As a psychology student, this HITS the sweetspot.


        I saw an interview with him when When the Camellia Blooms was filming and he says he pays attention to the smallest details to get the character right, like missing the loop on his belt. He also sometimes finds himself rehearsing scenes that have already been shot. He seems so humble too. Have you seen him in Hot Stove League? He’s totally different (and shows many shades of his character there too.)


      One of the best interpretations of ASD done by an actor. OJS deserves this year’s Baeksang award.


      “Have you noticed his hands – so expressive.”

      Yes, I have. He’s doing such a great job.