IT’S OK TO NOT BE OK: Eps 16 (Our last Once upon a time) “Finding the Real Face.”(Written by Ko Moon-young and illustrated  by Moon Sang-tae).
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Once upon a time, in a castle deep in the forest, there lived three people whose faces were stolen by the Shadow Witch. The boy wore a mask with an awkward smile. Then there was the princess who was loud but all empty inside, and there was also a man who was trapped inside a box. They could not make any facial expressions because their faces were stolen from them. They had no way of understanding each other’s feelings, so they always misunderstood one another and fought.

The Box Man spoke, “If we want to stop fighting and find happiness, we must retrieve our stolen faces.” So they hopped onto their camping car and began their journey to find their faces.
One day, they ran into a mother fox who was bawling, curled up on the snow. The Masked Boy asked the mother fox, “Ma’am why do you keep crying?”  ” I came out to find food but dropped my baby whom I was carrying on my back somewhere in the snow.” The mother fox’s tears had run dry. She wailed while beating her chest. When the Masked Boy saw that, warmed tears started gushing from his eyes. Then the snow began to melt quickly and the baby fox who was frozen under the snow soon appeared.