Since I don’t have any sageuks to watch I’ll go back to the Tang Dynasty and maybe finish watching this amazing show.
The truth is, I don’t want to finish it because historical shows like this only come around every 10 years or so if we are lucky.
If you are a history nerd, sageuk geek, fan of the 3 kingdom era etc. This is your show.

“744 A.D., Chang’an, the cosmopolitan heart of the Tang Empire. The remnants of a vanquished Central Asian kingdom have infiltrated the world’s largest city for a planned attack during the Lantern Festival. Meanwhile, the court is fraught with infighting. The aging Emperor is expected to announce the regency of the Right Chancellor during the festival and retreat to the mountains with his young lover. If the Right Chancellor becomes the regent, the reformist Crown Prince risks being deposed—or worse. Intelligence chief Li Bi, a young Taoist priest, and ally of the Crown Prince has only 24 hours to prevent both the attack and the regency. After a botched attempt to capture the infiltrators, Li Bi and his team call in the services of death row prisoner Zhang Xiao Jing — a war veteran, beloved police chief, and murderer of his last direct superior.
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    Wow! I have had LONGEST DAY IN CHANG’AN for the longest time on Viki (US) where all 48 episodes are available. I watched Avenue X on YouTube discuss this drama so I know that the drama takes place over the course of the one night of the year that the regular curfew is not in place. How far along are you?

    Maybe this is the push I need to take the plunge and get going.
    Jung Il-woo’s BOSSAM—STEALING FATE won’t premiere until May 1st and as of now I have no idea if that will be available on a legal streaming site in the US. I am currently live watching only two dramas and both are excellent: BEYOND EVIL and NAVILLERA. After the events around RIVER and JOSEON EXORCIST maybe this is the time to do it.


      Halfway because I keep pausing to read up on some historical stuff :). This is a feast for the eyes and brain. It reminds me of “Conspiracy in the Court.”
      I think you’ll catch up in no time because I’m in no hurry to get to the end.


        I loved CONSPIRACY. The great Mr. X’s subtitles in archaic English were a challenge however.
        One of my favorite examples and I paraphrase.
        (The set up is a meeting of government officials/ministers. Head guy chairing the meeting shuts the meeting off and tells the others: “Return to your devoirs.”)
        My response was, “say what?” Lol. Devoirs is from the French and means something a person is responsible for; duty. He told the others to go back to work!
        I know my memory is shoddy but I have an idea all 8 episodes were subtitled like that.
        I think it was @pakalanapikake that recommended CONSPIRACY to me maybe it was you @kiara.
        I will let you know if I finally start LONGEST DAY.


    remembered I saw some ost of it shared on the fanwall , the visuals were SO good, been on my to-watch list since then , too little time too many shows T_T
    thanks for sharing 🙂


    FACTS vs FICTION : the real stories behind the characters in “The Longest Day in Chang’an.”