THE LONG BALLAD: The cuju game episode 1. English subs @viki.
Tang Dynasty – Emperor Tai Zong.
The 3 kingdom era is much more interesting from Chinese historical drama’s perspective. The  extensive and meticulous research that went into recreating Chang An (Tang’s capital city) in “Longest Day in Chang ‘an” was mind blowing. It’s something to be proud of and it deserves all the love from the local viewers. 
I’m officially a Chang’an fangirl thanks to the “Longest Day in Chang’an.”  It’s nice to be familiar with the city layout before this new drama, “THE LONG BALLAD” came out.
Learning new things:
Cuju or Ts’u-chü is an ancient Chinese game which is “thought to have been the earliest form of football”

The Hwarang version (2016).
Silla Dynasty – young Kim Sammaekjong aka King Jinheung.