Your favorite song was just perfect for the fight scenes between Han Yeri and Byun Yo-han ❤️❤️.
Six Flying Dragon: Bang Ji vs Sa Gwang.


    This scene makes me cry every time. It’s so beautiful and painful, and the music adds to the intensity. Han Ye Ri’s dancing talent made her fighting style so graceful and powerful. Byun Yo-han poured his heart and soul into this drama. ❤

    But OMG Moo-hyul with chipmunk voice made me burst out laughing 😂😂


      I love this but there is one small part that is missing. I think it’s around 1.50 when she got the cut above her knee. He laughed at her (not shown) because she was not only undefeated but had a flawless track record. She had never been injured during a fight before.

      I love every fight scene in this show because there is a story to every legendary fighter and warrior had their unique style and skills.

      LOL Moo-hyul. Hilarious but he saved Bang Ji since he had seen her going for the kill before.

      I hope you’ll watch TREE WITH DEEP ROOT. You’ll love the original Moo-hyul too. Yoon Kyun-sang did a good job channeling him in SFD.